Me and my wife always wanted to have a side project to call our own. So, in November 2014, we've came up with this idea: Why not use the traditional letterboards, usually made as menu for restaurants, bars and coffee shops, as an interior design piece?
We handcraft each one of this pieces, and sell it online, on an instagram and facebook account. Costumers send us their phrases, musics and poems, and we assemble their letterboards.


Small producers

We believe 100% in the small business and local producers. So, Letrinharia attends all the street markets and other events supporting small and local producers. We strongly believe that with less mass consumption and shorter production chains, we'll leave a visibly smaller environmental footprint and we will be doing our part as a more conscious generation regarding consumption and production.



In 2017, we decided to take a step forward, and started to handcraft our own letter boards, but now on wood. We still use the same plastic letters from our other products, but we drill the wood pieces and we fit the letters into these tiny holes.

 Cafuné (Caress).

Cafuné (Caress).



We're a 100% digital native business. So we reach all our target using social media, mainly Instagram and Facebook. And currently, our sale process is entirely via e-mail, except when we are attending small producers street markets and fairs.
Below, our Instagram account is embedded, so, take a look and have fun!

Feel free to take a closer look at our work.