Pedigree| looking a new home, find a new friend



We took shelter dogs and photographed them inside properties advertised on ZAP. That way, whenever someone searches for properties on the website, they might be surprised to find a dog in the pictures of the house. We selected the houses advertised on the website, by sending an email marketing to the owners, inviting them to join the project. Then the audience could see the project houses, whenever they searched for properties in some of the largest districts of Sao Paulo. We took dogs from shelters supported by the NGO and the brand’s Adoption Drive, placed them inside the properties and photographed them one by one. Then, we’ve added an information bar at the images in which the dogs appeared, with: the dog’s name and an email for adoption. Then, we’ve replaced the old images from the properties’ ads, by the new ones, with the shelter dogs inserted. The placement was first implemented at houses inside Sao Paulo, but all the project partners are studying to expand it nationwide and make it a regular feature at the ZAP website.

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