volkswagen | the gps soccer announcer



Brazilians love football more than anything, but they hate to get stuck in traffic jams, also. So, with that in mind, we decided to combine these two feelings in one. For the first time in football broadcast history, a part of a game was announced by the voice that gives GPS (navigation) instructions and coordinates. The audience was watching the game normally, and suddenly an unexpected voice announcer showed up. We are telling people that with Volkswagen App Connect technology, you could watch a soccer game in the entertainment system, and drive somewhere using your GPS navigation system.
We reached BandSports Channel and came across the best way to implement this intervention. We got in touch with the SIRI and the Volkswagen GPS navigation voice actress to be our new announcer. During the broadcast of a Portuguese Championship game, between the teams Benfica and Guimarães, in a certain point of the game, the voice actress predicted the players moves and described them like GPS and navigation instructions: “Move right”, “Take the first exit” and other commands.