Volkswagen| Emergency bowling brake



Volkswagen needed to talk to some families about the safety of their cars. And it wanted to do that in an entertaining way. So, nothing better than to use a place where people already have fun: bowling alleys.
We simulated the Emergency City Brake, one of Volkswagen's safest technologies, on bowling balls. When the ball was thrown, as it rolled almost to the end of the lane, it would "brake" and stop short of hitting the pins. We created this effect with a magnetic strip underneath the lane, which attracted a special bowling ball with a metallic core.
Those surprised by the demonstration were given a free hour at the bowling alley to have fun. Over 400 families were directly affected by the event, and thousands watched the video online. Demand for the cars went up at dealerships, as did web traffic on Volkswagen's site. 


Illustration: Estudiorama
Engineering and Design: Piloto