That's me.

Heitor Buchalla

Jr. Art Director

Heitor Buchalla 28 years old. São Paulo, Brazil. drawing, skateboarding, interior designing our place and netflix and chilling with my wife.


AlmapBBDO (2011 - present)

Volkswagen, Visa, Pedigree, Mars, Havaianas, Audi, Bayer and others.


Twitter: @torbuchalla
Linkedin: Profile
Phone: +55 11 99240•1624

Side Projects

Letrinharia (2014 - present)

Designing and online selling vintage letterboards for interior design purposes, alongside my beloved wife Bianca.

Kilo Gourmet (2017 - present)

Why do the food that we serve ourselves at work lunch break has to be ugly? To change that, I do the art direction and photograph my own gourmet dishes at cheap self service restaurants.

Insane Art Director (2014 - present)

Storytelling the routine of an insane advertising art director, through internet memes.

Awards & Recognitions

Cannes Lions

2017: Film Shortlist (Getty Images - Jack)
2016: Design Shortlist (Volkswagen - Safety from every angle)

El Ojo

2017: Film Gold (Getty Images - Jack)
2017: Press Shortlist (Gol Airlines - Shuffled)

London International Awards

2017: Film Bronze (Getty Images - Jack)


2017: Silver Film (Getty Images - Jack)

Wave Festival

2017: Design Silver (Volkswagen - Safety from every angle)


2017: Outdoor In Book (Top Carros - Don't Drink and Drive)


2017: Bronze (GOL Airlines - Shuffled)

Estadão Newspaper Cannes Challenge

2017: Awarded the year's best ad printed on the newspaper. As reward, a trip to attend the 2017 Cannes Lions Festival.
(GOL Airlines - Shuffled)

Luerzer's Archive Print

2017: GOL Airlines - Shuffled


2016: Greatest Hits AdForum 2016 (Pedigree - Looking for a new home, find a new friend)